Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review of Safe C++ by Vladimir Kushnir, published by O'Reilly

I got this book via O'Reilly Blogger Review Program.

I didn't check the back cover when I started to read this 150 page short (previous book was Programming Perl with 1000+ pages) book. Almost immediately it started to feel like infomercial about a c++ library made by the author. Half way through I checked the back cover and found out that the book is mainly about this library but the back cover also promised more wider look in how to make bug free code.

I found very little of anything else than his Safe C++ library. There was some mentioning about testing, but nothing about unit-tests. Memory errors were talked a lot but no mentioning about Valgrind (or anything else) for hunting them, just saying use the library. In the end there was a chapter "Making Your Code Debugger-Friendly" which was basically the only place where debuggers were mentioned. There was also a nothing on sanitizing the user inputs and this goes under safety. About one quarter of the book was source code of the library.

If the title had been "Safe C++ library" or something similar I would have been a lot more lax in the review, but with current title I really disliked the book.

I wouldn't recommend the book to anybody. If you are newbie one needs to learn the standard tools and not some obscure library, if you are seasoned the stuff in the book is old news for you.

I'd rate this 1/5, with more correct title 2.5/5.

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