Sunday, November 18, 2012

Review of Intermediate Perl, 2nd edition by Randal L. Schwartz, brian d foy, and Tom Phoenix

This long overdue update on Intermediate Perl (known as the Alpaca book of Perl) is more than just a guide to the more advanced features of Perl than those learned from Learning Perl book. Half of the book is dedicated to good programming practices and how they can be implemented with tools provided by standard Perl distribution.

The book goes through for example use of modules, references, list operations, data structures, object oriented Perl and testing. There was a bit about regular expressions but I would have loved to see more about those, but I realize that there is limited number of pages and those were quite well covered in Learning Perl book. The book followed in the footsteps of Learning Perl with humor, but it was slightly tuned down from the Learning Perl book (or I missed some parts of it as I don't know much about Gilligan's Island and Mr. Ed). This book is good tool for education with the exercises in the end of each chapter and with the given answers in the end of the book.

I'll rate this book very close to Code Complete. While the CC is an excellent book about generic programming, this book is just as excellent continuation to Learning Perl introducing the slightly advanced tricks of Perl and good practices in software development to programmers.

I'm rating the book 4.5/5

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