Sunday, February 24, 2013

Review of Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 33 by O'Reilly/MAKE

I received this magazine from O'Reilly Blogger review program and it is my first time reading the Make-magazine.
Actually only American magazines which I've read have been Scientific Americans, so the style of the magazine was a bit weird to me. I assume that the amount of adverts was normal for this kind of magazine, it was quite high when compared to amount of adverts in Finnish magazine. I was bit confused with the first advert, which was quite hard to tell apart from an article, unfortunately this kind of stuff is getting popular also in Finland.
The magazine itself was extremely enjoyable and had lots of substance. The articles ranged from programming to making your own welding rods and how to grow peppers. There was also many interesting short reviews of tools for DIY. The magazine was extremely funny and my fiance spent a while giggling after reading the magazine and wants to buy kit for banana piano. There was projects and tips for almost any level of DIY skills.
Only real issue with the magazine was a poor resolution on some images. But in any case I'm now tempted on buying older issues of the magazine :)

I'll give 4/5 for this product

P.S. There is partial list of projects included on the O'Reilly web store

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