Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review of Learning PHP Design Patterns by W. Sanders, published by O'Reilly

The main question which this book provoked me to think is following:
Is this book really badly written or am I an idiot?

In physics word "Introduction" in the title of a book is a code word for highly advanced text. Does the word "Learning" have same meaning in the computer science? The preface of this book doesn't support this assumption, nor does Learning Perl book also from O'Reilly. In matter of the fact the book starts with a refresher/introduction to object oriented programming. So the text shouldn't be highly advanced.

When the book moved from the intro part into the design patterns part I got totally lost. I had to google almost every presented pattern in order to understand what they do and why they are used. It was very frustrating as the title of the book gives impression that the book is geared towards novices. I think that one of the causes for this was the extensive verbosity, which just made the book confusing.

At one point of the book I started to suspect that the author had a quota of pages to fill. As I mentioned the book was verbose to the level of obscurity. The book had also a lot of filler material, like each chapter started with half page worth of irrelevant quotes, it had full css-files for examples, and a lot of duplicate code.

I have to say that I couldn't find any redemptive features from the book. I had to force myself to read it while not getting anything from it.

I wont recommend the book for anyone.

disclaimer: I received the book through O'Reilly blogger review program.

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