Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review of Understanding and Using C Pointers by Richard Reese, published by O'Reilly.

I would call this book "Black Art of Pointer Magic Made Easy". It is a rare pleasure to find a book with title and content matching exactly. I've been disappointed many times with titles promising a lot more than what the book actually delivers. Many C++ books tip toe around pointers and just give you the absolute minimum information needed to work with basic issues around pointers. After reading this book you can really understand the magic of pointers.

I'm familiar with C only as a "subset" of C++ (which is of course erroneous) but understanding the memory management and pointers in C makes me a lot more confident if I ever have to use pure C. The book goes from pointer basics to "faking" objects in C. During this journey the book guides us through memory management in C, function pointers, character strings, structs, security issues, and other stuff too (The Table of Contents is available in O'Reilly site).
The book was also a joy to read as the text was well written, and it had a lots of informative figures and examples.

I learned a lot from this book and I'm sure that I will use it as a reference book later on. I will recommend this to every one using C/C++.


disclaimer: I received this book free of charge from O'Reilly for review purpose.

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