Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Review of The LEGO Build-It Book Vol.1: Amazing Vehicles by Kuipers and Zamboni, publisher no starch press.

Does anybody have extra Super Speedster :)

First of all I received this book free of charge from O'Reilly blogger review program for review purposes.

This book reuses parts from LEGO CREATOR Super Speedster (#5867) for creating 10 different vehicle models (well jury is still out for stroller). The book has more detailed bill of materials if you don't have the Speedster but you have other modern CREATOR sets.

The building instructions are clear (at least as clear as LEGO instructions in my youth and on more current TECHNIC models) and for me they look rather innovative. There are preview pages available at http://nostarch.com/builditvol1

Unfortunately I couldn't find the Super Speedster model from my local stores, and I've never even seen a "Pick a Brick" wall, furthermore ordering practically all parts from the net would have brought some issues with my significant other... I definitely would have loved to do these models, especially the Historic Racer.

In addition to the models there are two chapters on the design/building. The Building Basics chapter is about using imagination in seeing alternative uses for parts and about dimensions of the LEGO bricks. Advanced building has some tips on reinforcing the structures being built both on both horizontal and vertical dimensions, and also bit material about flexible joints.

I'll give this book 5/5. But I think that O'Reilly should have mentioned that you can get all parts from the Speedster model as it is mentioned on no starch press pages.

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